Lay Ministries

Coordinator: Annette Merki

Students from Sixth Grade and on are welcome to serve as acolytes. The acolytes learn to assist the clergy and are part of the liturgy and praising God. They are especially important during Sunday services, as well as holiday services such as Easter and Christmas.
Lay Eucharistic Ministry
All Christians are ministers in Christ's church. All who gather for worship are participants in the service. We fill different roles in our church life for the mutual benefit of the community. Eucharistic ministers and visitors are people who have spent 6 to 8 weeks in reflection and training to prepare them to serve as worship leaders.
Eucharistic ministers assist in preparing the table for Holy Communion and in administering the bread and wine. They may lead the Prayers of the People or carry the gospel book.
Eucharisitic visitors carry the consecrated bread and wine and the congregation's prayers and fellowship from the church to members who are not able to attend Sunday morning worship.
Lay Readers
Lay Readers read the day’s lessons during the services.
Ushers assist at Sunday services and holiday services such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Before the service begins, their duties include greeting arrivals, distributing the bulletins and making everyone feel welcome.
During the service, the ushers continue to greet late arrivals and assist them with seating. Ushers take up the collection and carry the collection plates to the chancel steps for presentation to an acolyte and the celebrant.
During Communion, ushers control the flow of communicants to the alter rail, and assist communicants needing help to the alter rail and back to their seats.
Oblation Bearers
Oblation Bearers bring the communion wine and wafers to the chanel to be blessed prior to the Eucharist.